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Whether you've gotten hurt at work, slipped in an icy parking lot, or were injured in a car accident, your injury is serious. If it affects your work and ability to earn income, or simply interferes with day-to-day activities, call the American Justice Center to have your case reviewed. With a FREE initial consultation, you case will be reviewed to see how you can be compensated. Contact the office today to schedule your consultation.

The American Justice Center can help recover your losses

Big or small, your case is important. Whether recovering lost income, fighting to keep your job, or petitioning for medical bills to be covered, the American Justice Center can play a big part in getting what you deserve. John Hocking has been representing injured parties for over 30 years, and knows what it takes to get results.

Retaining an attorney helps your injury case

Some people think that they may not need an attorney when it is clear that they have been injured. However, the confusing and lengthy legal system can cause confusion and misunderstanding. When you need help with your case, contact American Justice Center for representation you can trust.

Don't let lingering injuries keep you from work

If you are missing work due to a car accident injury or a work-related injury, make sure your family and household are covered. With support in covering your needs, contact the American Justice Center for a FREE initial consultation.


If you're not sure what paperwork or information you'll need for your first consultation, contact the American Justice Center with any questions.

Call the American Justice Center today for your FREE initial consultation.


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