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When your family or other loved ones are thinking of becoming naturalized citizens of the United States or they need to renew their family VISA to stay in the country, the American Justice Center can help.


John Hocking has over 30 years of experience working with immigration law and all aspects of it. From removal proceedings to naturalization processes, he can handle your case. There's even a possibility to get relief from the removal proceedings.

Let the American Justice Center help with your naturalization

When you are looking to become a citizen of the United States, look no further than the American justice Center. They can help you reach your goal with understanding and explanation of each step of your case.

Avoid dealing with stressful removal on your own

If you find yourself or a family member facing removal by the immigration services, contact the American Justice Center today. Don't wait until it's too late to get your case reviewed and evaluated by a trusted attorney. It's possible to avoid the removal, but you never know until you contact them for a FREE initial consultation.

Keep your family intact with family VISAs

Make sure all of your legal documents are in order by contacting an attorney with experience in immigration law. If staying in the United States depends on your family having the correct and current VISA, contact the American Justice Center today.


If you're not sure what paperwork or information you'll need for your first consultation, contact the American Justice Center with any questions.

Call the American Justice Center today for your FREE initial consultation.


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