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Making the decision to end a relationship after 2 years or 25 years is never an easy choice. It can be a stressful time for both spouses and you need someone who can get to know you and your situation. If there children are involved, extra care should be taken for them to feel loved.


For over 30 years, John Hocking at American Justice Center has been representing individuals in Utica and the surrounding areas with their family law cases with compassion and understanding.

Get the outcome you're expecting for your divorce

Each individual in a divorce case has expectations. When you meet for your initial consultation, Attorney John Hocking will explain what you should expect based on each situation. With an extensive background in litigation, he will work hard to meet those expectations while explaining each step of the process.

Protect your children while receiving fair custody

When there are children in the family that will need to be able to see both parents, it is important to find an attorney that will be fair and considerate to your children's needs. Attorney John Hocking will explain the standards and deviations of traditional custody agreements and find the situation that will be perfect for your children.


He can also suggest mediation services for you and the other parent and classes to help you manage your time with your children. Contact the office today for your consultation. 

Receive the support you need for your children

When custody is finalized, child support is close to follow. In order to get the support you need for your children, or spousal support that has been ordered, it is important to get your attorney the information that is needed to calculate it accurately.


If you're not sure what paperwork or information you'll need for your first consultation, contact the American Justice Center with any questions.

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